Packer rubber barrel
Packer rubber barrel
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1.High-temperature, high-pressure expand packer

It is applicable to sublevel exploitation of oil-gas field. Different materials including fluorine rubber,

hydrogenation NBR, NBR and etc. are chosen to meet various temperature requirements of the oilfield.

Main technical parameter

Application temperature ≤ 160 ℃ ; Pressure can reach 25 ~ 70 Mpa.

2.Compression packer rubber barrel

Packer rubber barrel is a kind of tubular rubber seal product used for sublevel exploitation,

test, water injection, acidification, completion, compression fracture, and various under-well

packing and bridge blinding.

Packer rubber barrel Parameter:

It has the merits of high oil resistance, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, ozone

resistance, compression set resistance, as well as high strength, tear resistance, wear resistance.

Temperature resistance can reach 150℃ ; bearing force can reach 25 ~ 70MPa.

The mechanical property of our products can be adjusted according to various demands of different

well condition, depth, and operation.

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