Self-expanding packer
Self-expanding packer
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1. Segregated completion: Horizontal well/large displacement well can be interlayer-packed to carry out sublevel exploitation;

2. Packing water bearing layer: prophase and anaphase water plugging operations can be carried out to cut off the water bearing layer with

good plugging effect;

3. Separate-zone production: oil well can be interlayer-packed according to its producing layer to improve the protection;

4. Assisting well cementing: it can be used at the top and bottom of the casing to provide supplementary packing after the well cementing

in case of the problem of channelling because of the bad cementation between the cement ring and the casing, guaranteeing the tightness and

improving the cementing quality;

5. Simplifying the well cementing: with the simple construction technology, the well completion technology can be simplified and the well

construction period can be shortened;

6. Sectional development of the reservoir: after development, oil production can be put into quickly without moving the pipe string.

7. Intelligent completion: intelligent completion can be carried out together with slide bushing and other tools.

8. Sand protection: provide the top mortise packing for horizontal gravel filler.

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