Process Design

Hebei Baoshi Specific Flexible Hose and Fittings Co., Ltd. regards quality of products as the essential condition for the survival and development of the company since the establishment. The company is managed strictly in accordance with ISO900 and standards of API Q1 Quality Management System. All products will accept calculation, process parameters determination, trial production, type inspection, confirmation and so on in strict accordance with the design process, to firmly control each procedure in the production process, and the quality, to further guarantee the pass rate of outgoing products.
To ensure the quality of products, the company has been insisting in four strict regulations as follows:
1. Strict standard implementation: the company has been in strict implementation of the quality system standards over the years, quantitated the standards into every single detail in the workshop production process, thoroughly stipulated each key detail in the production, and set up strict management system so that each employee can understanding the importance of quality.
2. Strict raw material examination: the company firmly controls the entrance of raw materials, and strictly investigate qualified suppliers. Raw materials of different batches from different companies will be detected by ways of dynamic sampling and regular testing, to avoid unqualified products.
3. Strict management: during the production progress, the QC department of the company will sample the semi-finished products of different situations; meanwhile, the production control department will assess the operation procedures of workers at any time, even each action if necessary.
4. Strict detection: as an innovative company, the company targetedly absorbs advanced detection concepts. Although products has passed many procedures of testing before off line,the company will still sample the products of different batches; the sampled product will be sent to the company lab and third-party research lab for breaching experiment and durance test; if unqualified, all products of the same batch will be retested.

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