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Hebei Baoshi Specific Flexible Hose and Fittings Co., Ltd. has all along insisted in providing you quality technical service and after-sales service in accordance with ISO900 and standards of API Q1 Quality Management System. Our company owns professional technical team which can offer you technical advice by ways of phone, e-mail,QQ, etc. according to the user’s comments and requests or services to the user site.
The major user of our company is oil field. In order to provide better quality, prompt and accurate services for the oil field user, we train and assess professionals, so as to build service outlets in major oil fields according to the distribution of oil fields, then we send the professionals to stay there to provide the user the nearest services.
Specific content of After-Sales Service is as follows:
1. The sales department arranges raw material procurement and organizes production according to the contract requirements, and assigns crew members for the assurance of product protection, transportation and storage to meet customer requirements;
2. Products of our company are traceable subjecting to quality system requirements, which are available for supervision and inspection of third-party authorities at any time;
3. When the user puts forward the requirement of technical training or the company thinks that the technical training is necessary, the technical department will select technical staff to guide the user to correctly use the product, or technically train the customer for free;
4. Sales staff in the sales department review customers each year, to collect customers' opinions and investigate the usage of products, in order to directly obtain the customers' assessment on the quality of products or services. As for the problems reflected by customers, the corresponding responsible department will organize analysis, and take corrective measures, then issue resolutions;
5. For product quality objection, the company will arrange a person to negotiate with the customer for a solution based on feedback;
6. For product quality problems, the company will promptly offer qualified products for replacement firstly in accordance with the customer's requirements, to ensure normal production of the customer, and then we will organize the staff to analyze, solve and take corrective and preventive measures;
7. Within the life of product quality assurance, the company will provide free technical services and related fittings for the customer; and cooperate with the customer for site installation, testing and acceptance check.

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